Compliance is a term that is understood in various ways - usually as an internal system of organization of the business activity, aimed at counteracting violations of law and ethics. This system consists of sets of corporate values, internal procedures, activities aimed at building an appropriate organizational culture, training, motivating and sanctioning factors as well as supervisory systems.

The issue of relevant compliance rules is extremely important from the perspective of avoiding financial liability of companies, which may result for instance from:

  • violation of the competition law (e.g. arranging resale prices with distributors),
  • violation of the labour law,
  • application of specific promotional schemes (also in relation to distributors’ employees).

Our lawyers have extensive experience in supporting the construction of compliance systems - both in terms of business organization (anti-corruption, anti-mobbing and antitrust law procedures), as well as conducting training and implementation of awareness of values that stand behind the adopted rules.