Pursuant to the Polish law, in justified cases, foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses may be subject to reimbursement from public funds. Currently, to the category of reimbursed foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses includes foodstuffs serving as a phenylalanine-free diet, an MCT-free diet and a high energy diet.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with regard to the drug reimbursement. Counsellor Oskar Luty and Counsellor Marcin Flak co-authored the first commentary on reimbursement rules that came into force in 2012.

For many years, our lawyers have been providing advisory services in such areas as:

  • assessing refundability chances and preparing reimbursement applications,
  • determining the pricing policy,
  • negotiating conditions of reimbursement before the Economic Commission of the Ministry of Health, including negotiating risk-sharing instruments,
  • solving legal problems related to the reimbursement, regarding the application of prices, advertising and promotional instruments, building information policy on the availability of reimbursable products, etc.,