Our lawyers have extensive experience in legal assessment of all kinds of research projects on foodstuffs - both regarding the assessment of the effects of human consumption, as well as, for example, receipt of the colour of the packaging, marketing research, etc.).

A food company may be interested in implementing research projects related to its own products for a number of reasons, which may include:

  • market access needs in the area of public financing (e.g. developing HTA documentation in terms of reimbursement projects or the use of food in certain guaranteed benefits);
  • advertising needs – to develop a justification or strengthen the advertising message with a specific content;
  • technological needs -to test taste values, consumer reception, etc.

A food company also has the full right to conduct tests of its products. The help of a lawyer is useful at the stage of designing research, contract consulting in the case of using external research entities and building advertising claims based on such research.