The Polish law provides for quite specific rules for conducting medical activities. To put it simply, such activity can be carried out in the form of the so-called healthcare entity or individual or collective practice.

The choice of the form of activity determines the availability of corporate forms [link to corporate affairs] (e.g., a limited liability company is available only in the case of medical activities in the form of a healthcare entity), the level of technical and organizational requirements, the supervision regime and the scope of registration obligations.

Regardless of the form, it is always necessary:

  • to secure the premises (a lease agreement),
  • to obtain the sanitary approval of the premises
  • to develop a medical documentation system,
  • to prepare announcements required by law (e.g. of patient rights, etc.),
  • to implement IT and physical security measures as well as appropriate procedures for the protection of personal data,
  • to prepare specimen patient consents,
  • to prepare appropriate agreements with physicians and medical and technical staff,
  • to conclude possible agreements with the National Health Funds (if applicable).