In Poland, for years, there has been a dynamic increase in the number of disputes between patients and healthcare providers and doctors. In our opinion, this increase will continue, and every physician (particularly in surgical specialties) must now consider the probability of a dispute with the patient. This trend is due to many factors - incorrect communication habits and, unfortunately, blatant errors in the Polish medical practice, but also the growing popularity of the confrontational attitude of patients, the activity of legal representatives and the amount of compensation (currently, amounts exceeding PLN 1 million are not uncommon).

In a dispute between the doctor and the patient, a reliable assessment of the legal status of the physician is crucial – so that it makes it possible to take decisions regarding settlement talks or adoption of a defensive attitude.

Currently, many disputes are conducted as part of criminal proceedings initiated by a complaint (notification) by a patient. Specialized units dealing with medical matters have been established in the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Our Law Office has extensive experience defending doctors against unfounded claims of patients, also in the field of the criminal law.