If the Public Prosecutor's Office undertake proceedings in the case of or against a doctor, it is advisable in most cases to involve an experienced lawyer in it. At this stage, many matters can be clarified and thus a long-lasting lawsuit can be avoided. In the case of obvious medical errors, it is also possible to use procedural institutions that are beneficial to the suspect at the preparatory proceedings stage.

Our Law Office recommends the use of a lawyer not only in the case of charges against a doctor, but also if the doctor is interrogated as a witness, and the circumstances of the case show that the case may concern the doctor personally. The participation of a lawyer protects the doctor's interest, but also provides increased psychological comfort during procedural activities which, by their very nature, can be very stressful and long-lasting.

We have extensive experience in defending the legitimate interests of doctors at the stage of preparatory proceedings, including the representation of a doctor interrogated as a witness or a suspect.