The distribution model of pharmaceutical company's products almost always requires legal consultation. Due to the low quality of regulations, modern distribution systems involve numerous legal complexities. For example, in the distribution model using a warehouse operated by a foreign entity providing the service of a logistic operator and a commission vendor or collector, many issues will arise under competition law (application of agreed prices, assignment of territory) [link to specialization of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection], reimbursement law (official margin) ) [link to reimbursement specialization] and the pharmaceutical law (distribution carried out on a contractual basis), let alone contractual issues (a contract with a logistics operator) [link to the contract law] and personal data protection [link to the personal data specialization].

Many pharmaceutical companies in Poland operate in the so-called dual model in which the sales division of medicinal products is separated from the marketing division in such a way that these activities are separately conducted in different companies. It is then necessary to provide legal protection for issues related to the regulation of intermediation in drug trading, compliance [link to compliance], as well as the circulation of personal data [link to the personal data specialization].

Our lawyers have many years of experience in developing distribution schemes. We also work with experienced experts in warehouse management, developing wholesale procedures [link to wholesale], etc.