The current market practice makes a distinction between different functionally separated types of pharmaceutical wholesalers' activities, including:

  • A contract wholesaler – i.e. a wholesaler performing activities at the request of the owner of medicinal products;
  • A manufacturer wholesaler – i.e. a wholesaler dedicated exclusively to trading in a small amount of drugs of a specific manufacturer often acting as an independent part of a larger wholesale complex;
  • A logistic operator – i.e. a wholesaler that provides comprehensive wholesale services at the request of product owners outside the country, including services related to acting as ordered in public tenders, etc.;
  • A commissioner - a wholesaler that is not the owner of the goods yet conducts the trade and invoices product prices on its own behalf;
  • A collector – a wholesaler undertaking activities in the field of financial flows at the request of the seller of goods.

The multiplicity of distinguished forms together with the imprecision of the law and certain administrative customs leads to many disputes and legal dilemmas. Our Law Firm specializes in solving them and our team has extensive experience in this area.