Specialist advertising – our lawyers have extensive experience in advertising various product groups from the life sciences industry, in particular:

  • advertising of medicinal products (Rx and OTC), both advertising aimed at the public as well as advertising aimed at doctors and pharmacists,
  • advertising of medical devices,
  • advertising of dietary supplements,
  • advertising, promotions, sponsorship information and other permitted marketing activities related to alcoholic beverages from all segments,
  • advertising of cosmetics ads
  • marketing activities related to the producers’ brand.

Assessment of materials – prevention is much cheaper than remedying the effects. Therefore, we offer all our clients the opportunity to consult ongoing marketing activities, including the assessment of specific materials (leaflets, spots, posters, etc.).

Representation in disputes – advertising activities can often lead to disputes with regulatory authorities, competitors or persons claiming to have had their copyrights violated. We provide our clients with representation in all such disputes, both those initiated by themselves (e.g. as a result of misleading advertising of a competitive product) and those in which the client is the addressee of claims (e.g. as a result of alleged infringement of copyright to the material used in the advertising).

Contractual service – cooperation with third-party service providers (e.g. media houses) is an important aspect of marketing activities. As regards contracts regulating this type of cooperation, many factors should be remembered about, such as clauses on the transfer of copyright or licensing, confidentiality clauses, guarantees of compliance with the requirements for specific product groups (e.g. medicinal products, alcoholic beverages). Negligence in this area may result not only in low effectiveness of the actions undertaken, but also in a potential image crisis (which is confirmed by recent examples from the alcohol or food industry). Our Law Firm has extensive experience in the preparation and negotiation of agreements on marketing cooperation, in a way that secures the best interests of our clients.