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Karol Korszuń

Partner of Fairfield Law Firm.

Karol Korszuń has been professionally involved with FAIRFIELD law firm (formerly: DFL Legal) for many years, where he advises the Life Sciences entities operating at all levels of the trade – from producers and manufacturers, through distributors, pharmaceutical wholesalers, to general pharmacies.

He specializes in issues related to the distribution and marketing of medicinal products and medical devices, as well as reimbursement issues. He has extensive experience in the preparation and negotiation of commercial agreements, both with business partners from the European Union, as well as from outside the EEA. 


In his professional practice, he advises Clients on issues related to public procurement, the competition law and compliance. The scope of assistance provided by Karol Korszuń also includes general corporate consultancy, for instance the development and implementation of organizational structures, establishment and transformation of companies, support in developing optimal forms of conducting business operations.  He has conducted a series of trainings for owners and managers of general pharmacies on the permissible forms of conducting business operations, inspections carried out by the pharmaceutical inspection, or ongoing amendments to the regulations governing pharmacy operations. He has also conducted trainings in refunds and advertising law. He graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and the Centre for American Law Studies. He also provides legal assistance in English.