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Marcin Flak

Partner-Founder of Fairfield Law Firm.

Marcin Flak has advised Life Sciences entities for over 12 years. He manages comprehensive, ongoing advisory services for pharmaceutical companies, entities from the dietary supplements and functional food industry and entrepreneurs operating on the pharmacy market, in particular, with regard to advertising law, reimbursement of medicinal products and medical devices, health claims, public procurement, design and implementation of distribution structures and the competition law.



He is involved in implementation projects concerning the protection of personal data. He also helps clients in compliance, including relationships with health care professionals - ongoing advice, training, development and implementation of internal procedures.

He specializes in representing clients in disputes with public administration bodies (including sanitary inspection bodies, the pharmaceutical inspection, the Agricultural and Food Quality Inspection), for instance in issues related to labelling and advertising matters (medicinal products, medical devices, dietary supplements, alcoholic beverages), withdrawal of products from the market or suspension of the trade, reclassification of dietary supplements and foods for special medical purposes, withdrawal of permits for running pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacies.

Marcin Flak has conducted many legal trainings and workshops (including specialist internal workshops for the marketing, sales and procurement departments of pharmaceutical companies or companies trading in medical devices and dietary supplements).