Our Law Firm provides comprehensive assistance in solving legal problems related to the categorization and registration of cosmetics in its broad sense.

There are many products on the market not falling within one category that may be subject to legal categorization as drugs, food, medical devices or cosmetics. In many cases, the correct categorization is determined not only by the composition and method of activity, but by the market description of the product. An error in the categorization may cause the product to be withdrawn from the market - and often with a delay of several years (and thus after the acquisition of a certain market position by the product). Our Law Office advises on the correct categorization of products and the construction of labelling and advertising communication related to this.

We also help in the process of registration of cosmetics and in all legal proceedings, in which the elements of categorization or registration may be significant - for example in the case of an inspection held by the Sanitary Inspection or the proceedings held by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection aimed at questioning specific advertising content or labelling of a given product.