In our advisory on advertising matters, we always keep an innovative and liberal approach to the law. Our work is not only to assess the legal acceptability, but also to model the planned advertising and promotional activities of our Clients. We always assess the legal risk related to marketing plans, and - if necessary - we fight for the interests of our clients in legal proceedings before courts or the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection or by means of arbitration or trade courts of arbitration.

Our medical device advertising consultancy covers all forms and channels of advertising communication, including professional advertising, social media advertising, etc.

We also evaluate advertising activities related to reimbursable devices and devices financed publicly in the order mode (Article 38 of the Reimbursement Act) or as part of other guaranteed benefits. In the course of the analysis, we always take into account legal restrictions resulting from the ban on advertising non-pharmacy trading establishments and restrictions under the Reimbursement Act.

As part of the evaluation of advertising projects addressed to doctors, pharmacists or nurses, we also verify the reliability of the scientific basis of specific advertising claims.