Our Law Firm provides full legal services in public procurement for medical devices, including, among others:


  • analysing the chances of winning the case before the National Chamber of Appeal in the event of a dispute
  • assistance in preparing questions and submitting tender documentation
  • appeals to the National Chamber of Appeal against decisions or ordering activities
  • complaints to courts regarding decisions issued by the National Chamber of Appeal
  • actions against competitors violating the law in connection with tenders
  • legal advice related to the structuring of the tender and communicating of the characteristics of a medical device that can be rewarded in the ToR in accordance with the law
  • legal assistance related to the use of subjective changes, natural rebates, sales bonuses, etc as part of tender contracts.
  • advice on the legally admissible framework for communication with contracting entities, in particular participation in meetings, organization of demonstrations, financing of proctorship or preceptorship trainings.