Polish pharmaceutical wholesalers have been struggling for years with legal problems with serious consequences (though redundant from a purely pragmatic perspective) related to the structure of trade in drugs and other products. These problems relate, for example, to:

  • documentation and decisions regarding direct drug import,
  • distribution of drug samples,
  • methods for separating medicinal products from other products,
  • methods for separating products that are strongly active from other products,
  • application of quarantine rules and returns of medicinal products,
  • documentation and rules for ordering wholesale transport,
  • trade in medical gases (in particular unloading),
  • provision of services of a logistic operator (contract warehouse),
  • the role of the marketing authorisation holder, n the chain of receipt and delivery of drugs,
  • application of official reimbursable prices in hospital transactions.

Our Law Firm provides legal assistance consisting in indicating solutions to the aforementioned issues and similar legal dilemmas. In our work, we use extensive knowledge on pharmaceutical wholesale and we cooperate with many renowned experts in this field.