Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising on personal data, including:

  • preparations for the implementation of the GDPR – in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation is going to become effective, which is connected with a radical change in the personal data protection system. One of the important innovations is the possibility of imposing high fines on entrepreneurs who do not comply with the new regulations. In order to mitigate the risk involved, we provide our clients with services adjusting their existing personal data solutions to the new requirements.
  • audits – the awareness of the existence of regulations regarding personal data is relatively small (there are still companies that do not know about the existence of obligations such as reporting data sets or having written instructions regarding their security). In order to reduce the resultant risk, we offer a service of auditing solutions existing in the company and adjusting them to the requirements of the regulations, and where the issue of personal data has not been regulated at all (e.g. in newly established companies) – we provide comprehensive solutions.
  • appeal proceedings – in 2018, administrative authorities will be able to impose fines as a result of violations of personal data. Due to the severity of the sanctions and a great deal of freedom in determining the amount of the sentence, this poses a serious risk to entrepreneurs. Therefore, we offer our clients, in addition to the preventive actions described above, representation at all stages of the appeal procedure, in order to show that the violation has not occurred, or that the imposed penalty is excessive.